New Court Exposes King Von's Very Disturbing Gang History (2023)


New Court Exposes King Von's Very Disturbing Gang History

The Chicago Police Department released some very important news about King Von that immediately shook the entire rap world. Believe it or not, there is new evidence now that exposes King Von’s alarming gang history. After everything that went down during his time, King Von now has three bodies to his name, according to the police. However, the number might be even higher as the investigation continues.

So a leaked report from the Chicago police department somehow made its way to the internet. This report was of a lot of interest to all the rap fans out there as it gave out some new info about King Von that a lot of people already suspected, but now it’s pretty much official.



Experience is doing nothing what's good rizzo fam, the chicago police department released some very important news about king vaughn that immediately shook the entire rap world, believe it or not.

There's new evidence now that exposes king von's alarming gang history.

After everything that went down during his time, king vaughan now has three bodies to his name.

According to the police, however, the number might even be higher as the investigation continues.

So a leaked report from the chicago police department somehow made its way to the internet.

This report was of a lot of interest to all the rap fans out there, as it gave out some new info about king vaughn that a lot of people already suspected, but now it's pretty much official.

The report says that king vaughn is the one who fatally shot model.

Mccambry back in 2012.

model was a teenager who was tied to the gangster disciples, one of the deadliest gangs in chicago otherwise known as the gds.

If you're familiar with king vaughn and his past, you know that this new info now changes the official story from who took out the gd teenager in 2012.

You see before this report.

It was believed that vaughn's best friend t roy was the one behind the passing away of modell, even though both t, roy and vaughn were present.

When the hit took place, t-roy was initially listed as the one who killed mccambry, who was only 17 years old.

It's assumed that model wasn't the only victim allegedly another teen was hit that day, a guy by the name of miles miles got hit because he ran over to help out model being a witness.

Vaughn and his accomplice didn't want to take any chances and they fired at him too.

Luckily, for him he survived.

He was in a coma for weeks and the incident that he survived turned him into a paraplegic and he's now in a wheelchair.

A lot of people didn't agree with what the report said.

According to the report, king von was five foot two and generally believed that vaughn was around five foot nine.

That means that the murder was put on vaughn's, name, probably by mistake, and that the original story was right.

People noticed it right away man's, not 5-2 they're, just blaming him, for everyone knows.

T-Roy was very short and he's only possible to beat 5-2 definitely meant t-roy, because vaughn is not 5-2 with this new report.

If it is true, king vaughn now officially has three bodies to his name: modell mccambry in 2012, kakira, barnes or ki in 2014, malcolm stucky.

Also in 2014., let's say some more on the k.I head.

K.I was a stone cold chick in the streets of chicago.

She had the rep of a ruthless killer, even though she was only 17 years.

The police reports of that incident say that k.I was hit nine times by someone who had a hoodie on, and this was back in april of 2014.

k.I was rolling with saint lawrence boys stl that were later famously called tukeville.

After the death of tuka, there was bad blood between k.I and king vaughn.

Since vaughn was known to be a member of the o block, the two of them being from rival hoods things got pretty ugly quickly before the alleged hit by king vaughn, k.I and vaughn were going back and forth on twitter.

They were calling each other out to see who cracked first, it was only a matter of time before one of the two would pick up a burner and settle the score.

K.I died from a fatal wound to the neck.

Vaughn was arrested as a suspect on july 22 2014 and was charged the following day.

He didn't stay in prison long though he was released after a period of time, because the police were unable to provide sufficient proof in court, because strong evidence was lacking, vaughan couldn't be convicted, he was released, and that was the end of it.

Now who was malcolm stucky, malcolm was a 19 year old college student who found himself at the wrong place the wrong time.

He died as an innocent bystander after he was caught in the fire between two rival gangs.

Malcolm was on his way to meet up with a friend who was hosting a party.

He and two friends were sitting on a porch when they were about to have dinner.

That's when he was struck by a number of bullets that were meant for someone else.

Sadly, the wounds were fatal and he didn't survive.

Vonn, wasn't the only one who was firing that day next to von the police, also charged a 23 year old dude by the name of michael wade with the same crimes he was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

He was asked to cooperate with the police for a reduced sentence, but he didn't snitch vonn even referenced wade in one of his songs later because of it.

In the code he rhymes, my homie lost trial he'll be gone for a while.

If you give me up, then he letting him go.

He won't be back on the streets, tilly old everyone that he loves.

They're gonna be gone.

I know some dude, that's quick to give the police a tip, but my dude, he never folded.

This tragedy could have been easily avoided, see vaughn and wade attended the birthday party before the incident.

However, they left when they saw someone from a rival gang one hour later they pulled up the same place again and started firing shots.

They just couldn't chill the fact that von's name shows up with so many cases raised quite a few alarms.

He was very well known to the police and was what you would call a usual suspect.

It was very easy to throw dirt on him, since anything they could possibly come up with, would probably stick if they tried hard enough.

His image in the media was not good, vaughn and t roy both passed, but that might be the exact reason why the chicago pd is coming up with this evidence right now and not some other time see.

The chicago pd has a history of ascribing murders to dead gang members.

Since that way, the case of who got who solves itself.

If both parties were gang members, then they don't have to worry about who actually did it? What matters is they connected? Two dead people and closed the case, but what is the whole truth? Well, it's pretty difficult to say anything about certainty.

Von's name has been dragged around so much that he's even been portrayed as a demon.

It's hard to tell what is truth and what is fiction with so much misinformation being tossed around.

Some argue that there are other reasons that this info from the cops came in so late.

Think of things such as witness intimidation, some people are afraid to testify if they know that might cost them their life.

Witnesses are much more likely to come forward when the killer is already dead.

That's part of the reason murders like this are solved late.

Another reason why it's difficult to say what's real and what isn't is vaughn's very own music.

The image that vaughn paints himself makes him hella suspicious.

Like all the time, if you listen to his music, he always brags about how many lives he took and how his odds are dropping dead, it's drill, music and that's what it's all about.

The very first song I heard from vaughn him saying how he caught a body and beat a body and caused some more.

Everyone believed him, and now the police are corroborating.

His story, you all want to say they're lying man come on man y'all, believe he had those bodies when he himself said it, but when the police agree with him, it's lies.

It's unclear whether or not vaughn has three or perhaps even more bodies to his name.

Some people on reddit argue that it may even be more way more.

The sad part is that not only vaughn but other gang members from shirak like to brag about catching bodies.

Sometimes it's even a competition between who will catch more bodies.

Remember the old twitter beef between woosky and king von, the one they called each other out on who had more hits.

They talked about all this stuff out there for the public to see now that the cops are starting to dig into all the details, we might see the vaughn picture change even further.

If reports like this keep coming up, the number of bodies that vaughn actually had might even be higher.

In any case, the police are coming in on these cases quite late, and it's an open question whether or not the answers will provide some sort of relief to the grieving family members.

Only time will tell, but what do y'all think about this new report coming in is king vaughn really responsible for the death of model mccambry, or was it t-roy? What are y'all thoughts about king von in general? Lastly, do you think we'll get any new reports like this one? Let us know what you think all about in the comments section below also, if you dug this video, take a look at our other videos as well and, as always remember, to keep it rizzle.


What gang affiliation was King Von? ›

After being acquitted of all charges, Von began focusing on his music career, collaborating with Lil Durk. Before his arrest for the charges, he attended South Suburban College in South Holland, Illinois. He earned his GED while in juvenile detention. During this time, he joined the Black Disciples street gang.

How old was von when he died? ›

What does 63rd mean in Chicago? ›

King Von, a famous rap artist, single-handedly popularized the use of the term “63rd.” In his songs, he described the 63rd as an unpleasant, nasty, and crooked place since it was his rival block back in Chicago.

Is King Von from the West Side? ›

Drill rapper King Von's new album welcomes the listener to O Block, the South Side housing project he grew up in that the Chicago Sun-Times called “the most dangerous block in Chicago” in 2014.

What was Von's last words? ›

The text suggests Von was abandoned by his friends when he needed them the most. “Von's last words 'y'all let them n-ggas get up on me,” she wrote. “stop crying y'all let them get me.

How many followers did King Von have when he died? ›

A Savannah man, 22-year-old Timothy Leeks, was charged with King Von's murder. King Von had a loyal and robust social media following of 2.5 million Instagram followers and 292,500 Twitter followers, while on the verge of breakout success.

Does King Von have kids? ›

On November 1, 2021, Deja shared the following pic of her and Demi: King Von has three kids: a boy, named Chris who was born on August 19, 2019 and two other children, shown in the image below.

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