"It's Not Illegal To Be WHITE!" Piers Morgan Defends Royal Family's 'White Balcony' (2023)


Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by historian Tessa Dunlop and family lawyer Paula Rhone-Adrien to debate actress Adjoa Andoh's comments during ITV's coverage of the coronation about the Royal Family looking 'terribly white' on the balcony.

Paula and Tessa concede that although using the word 'terribly' was a poor choice of phrasing, they agree that the Bridgerton star's feelings about an all-white balcony has some validation, given the monarchy's history.

Piers however argues that it is a ridiculous claim and that it just so happens all the senior members of the Royal Family are white - and that "it's not illegal" to be so.

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Well looks like it's an image: that's synonymous with the British Monarchy, a royal family photo so on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The people across the world are willing to camp out in the pouring rain just to catch a glimpse of in person.

This is how the actress ajua Ando decided to describe the moment.

The King Charles and queen Camila appear for the first time following their coronation, flanked by their family on the famous balcony.

We've gone from the uh, the uh, the rich diversity of the Abbey to have terribly white balcony I'm very struck by that well Netflix star, who plays lady Danbury in Bridgeton, has now apologized for upsetting people after a comments called the backlash on social media.

But did you have a point or was her opinion? Actually the thing that was terrible? Well, let's discuss this now with uh Paula, Roan, Adrian and Tessa Dunlop.

So Paula here's my problem with this imagine for a moment we talked about the Tongan royal family and I said wow the terribly Polynesian or terribly black.

What would you have said so I can't answer that question because I don't know the history of the Tongan royal family, but I do know the history of this royal family to the extent that there are people of color in this royal family we haven't seen, for example, the descendants of Anaya.

Her name was until she was baptized Sarah Forbes bonetta.

We don't have the descendants of, for example, princess the princesses who came from it from India.

Why? Why not they're, not the kids of the senior working Royals, the only criteria for being on the balcony? Is there the senior members of the family who, by the way, happen to be white? When was that a crime? He is not a family of white.

You can shout because you know that what I'm about to say is going to upset you, because it's right peers, Queen Victoria, had a wonderful family portrait and that family portrait included people of color.

Where are those descendants? Why aren't they on the balcony? Where is Megan? Where is her 11 million dollar mansion in California, which is gained from the proceeds of trashing the royal family? For the last three years, that's where she is I accept at the adverb of terribly probably wasn't what I would choose? Yes, disappointingly, all right, I would agile actually goes to my local church and she's a seriously Good, Egg and I think she just had a sort of instinctive reaction that wow the people on that balcony.

Don't look like they represent me.

I would actually move away from the idea of very distant descendants because that would have looked like Curious casting just for the sake of pleasing the press and I would have suggested.

We missed a trick and I said this on your show and I've said it elsewhere and I've been decried by all the Royal press pack.

The casting of those honorary page boys was a massive ball drop.

There was no criteria to say, for instance, George Prince, George being a page boy was absolutely against protocol to have somebody in line for succession.

So my just my I just I, think I have a list here, because you came out with all this claptrap last week, I can't even read these two cards, which are all the examples of diversity of the people in Westminster Abbey.

It goes on and on and rightly on.

That was the most Multicultural service this country has ever put on the idea.

Wasn't it was too white? It's completely ridiculous.

It appears when you're talking about the intimate royal family, which you'll remember was rocked by now on facts of racism.

Don't bear with people bear with me.

No they're, not all family members.

Tommy is not a relationship.

Nicholas Barkley up there they're one of the pictures.

Let me ask you, so let me ask you a question.

You got married right in your wedding snaps how many non-white people are um.

It was a state occasion.

It was not a personal wedding and the king, that's a record.

So you haven't answered my question.

It's detracting from the issue.

It is it's simplified I simply asked how many non-white people will be in your wedding pictures.

They were all remaining because I got married to Romanian I wanted the Tongan to be clear.

They were all to be clear right.

You did, you didn't, go around and try and find some people who were the immediate family and put them in your picture to look more diverse, isn't a royal family who would have had to look very far peers and that's the point: were you talking about Meghan Markle? Why would they watch her very far I'm? So sorry, you mentioned Tonga earlier.

The king of tongoro Queen is not also the monarch of 14 other Realms.

Why not get 14 boys and girls from those 14 other rounds? That's diverse, because actually, if you looked at the congregation and who was invited and looked at the procession of 7 000 people, there were literally hundreds and thousands actually people who were not white in both of those right.

It just so happens in the senior members of our royal family.

They are white people which last time I checked in this country is not illegal.

You are allowed to be white.

There was no suggestion and this is ramping up unfairly.

What a joke was said and remember lots of wonderful things about the coronation and she said lots of wonderful.

She said about the wrong family, but she was talking about the contrast.

I think it's a terribly bad view.

We need to put it here and I would go as far as to call it race-baiting it's drawing some weird racial Dimension to a a family.

We know the senior members of the family are white.

We know their kids are white.

What's the problem they made, they made the service and the procession more Multicultural than anything of its kind in the history of the world.

Probably and all I'm hearing is your old, terribly white, it's pathetic, but peers.

It was about the friends.

They could have cast it differently, because people, how many friends did you have in your wedding pictures none? But it's not a state occasion, because your family were all away Charles and committed you don't practice when you preach no I'm, not talking about their personal Charles and Camilla wedding.

We're talking about a state occasion where the page boys and the honorary Maids of Honor could have been recruited differently.

It was a real chance.

He could have recruited people who were not immediate members of your family just go off and find random people to take some diversity.

It's ridiculous.

They could not have been more diverse in a diversity box.

This is not about taking a diversity box and I have to actually say about King Charles.

He has said himself look.

This is time that we start to look inward in terms of the role that the royal family played in slave trade and that's important, bearing in mind only just recently finished paying compensation to slave owners all right, two thousand that's another debate, and by the way we will have that debate, because that is a nonsense too.

The idea that this king, who couldn't be less racist, literally couldn't be if he dried or if I paid him, is that gonna have to pay people or order the payments to people from centuries ago.

The stuff that isn't happening now to anybody connected to that is nonsensical.

To me, maybe I'm, the Mad one, though maybe it was all terrible or maybe actually I'm right.

Thank you all right.

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